No filling, no sanding, no painting...

Paintless dent repair fixes cosmetic dents in your car bodywork to bring it back to its original factory condition without requiring filling, sanding or painting. Paintless dent repair maintains the value of your car (it can even increase it!) and does not effect the manufacturer warranty as a panel respray or or replacement would do.

Lancashire's paintless dent repair experts

It can happen to any of us, a small knock, even from something as small as a shopping trolley, can lead to an unsightly dent on your car. While not dangerous these dents can dramatically effect the value of your car. Research has shown that around 50% of people would not buy a car with a cosmetic dent, even with a large reduction in the price of the car.

Dents are skilled at repairing dents in cars of any make and model. We specialise in repairs to Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Jaguar and classics.

Dents was founded in 1999 by Kevin Murphy and has been providing paintless dent repair expertise in Lancashire for the past 12 years. We use none of the traditional methods of body filling, sanding or spray painting to repair the damage, so saving you the time and expense of a body shop repair. Instead, specialist tools are used to quickly remove dents and restore the panel to its factory condition. Protruding dents of high spots can also be repaired very effectively.

Dents provides services to auctions, dealerships, insurance companies, fleet companies and individuals.

Our individually fashioned tools enable Dents technicians to carry out repairs on-site. We transform the damaged area back to its original condition. No painting means no chance of colour mismatch and therefore no devaluing of your vehicle.

For a free, no-obligation phone consultation, call Kevin Murphy on 07739 224707 or email